Distributor-ticket-indiaIn India all payments are made in Indian rupees (INR). It is unfortunately not possible to pay in Euros or US dollars. You will therefore need to have Indian rupees with you during your trip to India. There are three possibilities for this.


- or you decide to change money with your bank before you leave. But you run the risk that your bank is not in possession of Indian rupees. Also, you will usually not get the best possible rate.

- or you take cash to India, and you can change it once at a bank or exchange office. We do not advise you to change your money when you arrive at the airport. Exchange rates are generally less favorable. Your Indian driver will be happy to take you to a currency exchange office or a bank in town.

- or you can withdraw money from ATMs in town, thanks to your credit card. This is certainly the easiest solution when you travel to India (it will nevertheless be necessary to check the costs applied by your bank). Your Indian driver will help you and take you to ATMs at the different stages of your trip to India. ATMs can be found in all major cities.


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